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Haining zhijun shing metal co., LTD

  • The company own2000Square meters large warehouse,Equipped with two line hanging,All the year round distribution of masteel、Anshan iron and steel、Wisco、And other domestic and foreign each big steel mill production in lai steel Angle、Channel steel、Flat steel、Round steel、Beams、HSteel、Galvanized pipe、Welded pipe、Rectangular tube、Galvanized square rectangle tube、Seamless tube、Stainless steel pipe、Galvanized volumes(Plate)、Hot-rolled coil(Plate)、Lottery Numbers(Plate)、Medium plate、Cold rolled sheet steel materials, etc。And equipped with6Meters large shear plate bending machine、Medium plate shearing machine、CNC caigang watts automatic molding machine、Nc kaiping machine for the sheet,Have the ability to strong steel deep processing。

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Contact address:Haining haichang street DanJing road5Number

Contact phone number000000-00-0-0-0-057aa00087276278 / 057aa00080770018

Company is located in the north of the qiantang river bore resort、Of leather —Haining。From Shanghai to the north120Kilometers,South of hangzhou50Kilometers。Shanghai-hangzhou high-speed、HangPu high speed、Salt high speed、Shanghai-hangzhou double line01Provincial highway、The shanghai-hangzhou high-speed railway running through,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。