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Xinghua golden harvest food co., LTD was founded2003Years,The registered capital1200Wan,The company's business mainly exports,A leading exporter to Europe、North and South America、South Korea and so on, The company export business positioning high-end customers in the market,Main customers are Han Guonong heart、Unilever、Nestle、Mars, etc,Our company since2004Supply Han Guonong heart years ever since,Han Guonong heart is one of the earliest customers our cooperation time。The company products are dehydrated carrot、Cabbage、Chives、Green red pepper、Tomatoes, etc,Annual sales in the5000Tons,Carrot item annual processing capacity of3000Tons。 2014Annual sales of make out an invoice7500Ten thousand yuan, 2015Annual sales of make out an invoice8500Ten thousand yuan, From the current completed sales,Is expected2016Annual sales will break a $。 The company after years of development, Now owns drying equipment26Taiwan, 4Tons of boiler4Taiwan,XLight machine2Taiwan, Color separator1Taiwan,The metal detector4Taiwan,A set of automatic line selection,The company throughISO9001:2008\ISO22000:2005\FDA\ KOSHER\ HALAL\BRC, GRADE A Such as certification。Company since was established three have done twice expansion,2016In the finishing at the end of the third phase of expansion,After the completion of the company building area will be achieved20000More than square,Product structure will become dehydrated vegetables、Nut processing、Solid beverage such as diversified development。


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Dehydrated vegetables                                                                 Barley green juice class                                                           Nuts

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Xinghua golden harvest food co., LTD

Address: Xinghua city, the town of east lake industrial park
A mobile phone: 008aa000013951148349
Fax: 008aa000052aa00083891128
Web site: jiahefood933333
The mailbox:jolly成都高考冲刺选哪家jiahefood933333 gaoyue成都高考冲刺选哪家jiahefood933333

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