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Thai embellish logistics equipment public number

Thai embellish logistics equipment public number

Science and technology, public the land and sea

Jiangsu science and technology, the public, the land and sea

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Science and technology, the land and sea

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Built in engineering / INTERIOR ENGINEERING

The fire door / FIREPROOF DOOR

Health units / WET NUIT 

Accommodation units / CABIN UNIT

Window / WINDOW

Composite panels / POLYHEDRAL PANEL

Marine furniture / FURNITURE

Health units
Accommodation units
Marine furniture
Built in engineering
Composite panels
The fire door

Marine products / MARINE PRODUCT

Mobile toilets / MOBILE TOILET

Stationary products / LAND USE PRODUCT

Module construction / MODULE BUILDING

Fire safety
Module construction
Mobile toilets


Luxury cruise ship

Bulk carriers

Offshore platform

Offshore platform

Luxury cruise ship

Module construction



Module construction

Bulk carriers


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About us / Introduce

About us
Introduction to the enterprise
Honorary certificate
Production equipment

Founded in1982Years of jiangsu science and technology co., LTD. The land and sea,The core of the Yangtze river delta hinterland,Known as“Navigation lock fortress”、“Bond of loyalty”The reputation of jiangyin city, jiangsu province。Comb thirty years wind and rain,Science and technology has grown as to design the land and sea、Production、Installation and service of form a complete set of the ship、Ocean engineering module refractory cabin system for the main business of life,Coating decorative metal plate、Portable logistics equipment, and other fields of integrated enterprise。The company has cover10Thousands of square meters of large-scale modernized...

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Contributes presents the land and sea
Color the land and sea
Propaganda video the land and sea